Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ted Morton and the Calgary Mafia

Interesting media reactions to Calgary's Ted Morton and his comment about the backroom influence on the PC Party by the so called Calgary Mafia. Consider the future of Alberta - all Alberta, if the Prime Minister comes from Calgary, the Premier comes from Calgary and Mayor Bronconnier - of Calgary - takes over the Liberal leadership...a highly expected probability in many circles. With so much power concentrated in three men in one city are we doing ourselves and a functioning representative democracy any favours?

Calgary is a great city but it is not all of Alberta, just as Alberta is not all of Canada. We already have a Toronto - we don't need another one or a replacement for that matter. What if the prevailing attitude in Calgary turned it into a "metropolitan David Dingwall" and they started to believe they "were entitled to their entitlements." With so much concentrated power, what is to stop that possibility? What good would it do? Prevention is possible. A cure may not be found before some serious damage is done to our society and representative democracy. There is more than one method to piss away a boom. Citizen's cynicism and indifference are amongst them.

By voting we consent to be governed by leaders and politicians who we select as a matter of choice. Failing, refusing or neglecting to participate in elections and party leadership selections is not granting an informed citizen's consent. Consenting to be governed by default due to citizen's indifference can have dire consequences...for everyone. The "chosen ones" to govern have an enormous concentration of power over our lives. Indifference is a luxury citizens cannot afford.