Monday, July 24, 2006

Why I Write This Blog

For those who do not know, I am working on Dave Hancock's Leadership Campaign. The legitimate question of is my blog an "unofficial blog" for Hancock came up when I send the link to Larry Johnsrude of the Edmonton Journal. Here is our email exchange on the point.

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the link. It promises to be a lively forum for opinion and
I'm wondering, since many Conservative bloggers are doing unofficial blogs
for a candidate, whether yours will be an unofficial blog for Dave Hancock.
Is that part of your plan at all?


Hi Larry - that is a legitimate question and the answer is no. Dave and his campaign have nothing to do with this blog. I am doing it because there are serious issues confronting Alberta on many fronts but the official discussion seems to me to be very cautious and guarded. The Internet is the kind of place where freedom of expression and where new ideas can be shared amongst citizens - and mostly unmediated and most effectively.

I can't stop people from making that kind of connection because I have been an ardent Hancock supporter and am a volunteer on his campaign. But this is me talking - NOT HIM. I have not talked about this initiative with Dave or the campaign team. Why would I? It seems to me those "unofficial blog" efforts are done anonymously. I am not doing this anonymously and not restricting myself to the PC leadership.

Consider that I have also supported Stephane Dion for Federal Liberal leader very overtly in this Blog. I simply see him as the best candidate for the Liberal leadership and chose to say so with my reasons. Would it be assumed therefore that I am an "unofficial blog" for Dion?

This "voice" in this blog is more like when I did the Political Panel on CBC radio for 8 years. I was just a PC party member commenting on political issues and events as I saw them. The NDP and Liberal participants on the program were also party members doing the same thing. We were not the official or even the "unofficial" representative of our parties. I am in the same context and neither the official nor unofficial blog for the Hancock campaign.

I hope what I have to say from, time to time, will resonate, perhaps inform and possibly motivate other citizens.