Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is Gary McPherson the Next Candidate In the Race?

I believe the next candidate in the PC Leadership race will be Gary McPherson and he could announce as early as tomorrow.

Gary is a quadriplegic so has some obvious physical disabilities. Based on brains, personal accomplishments and contribution to society and community Gary can equal or better any other candidate in the field to date.

None of the candidates are perfect. Each has some shortcomings or disability. In Gary's case his disability is obvious, but his candidacy suggests that we all should look more carefully at the shortcomings and disabilites of the other candidates too. The test is not just the kinds promises they make but their capacity and character to deliver on them. This is very important.

The big question for Gary is will Albertans take him seriously or just dismiss him at first sight. That would be a very serious mistake for Albertans to make. This guy has something to say about our future and he is likely to be about much more than promoting a single issue around disabilities.

The leadership field is getting crowded and very interesting. I wonder if it is enough to get Albertans in to a serious consideration of the consequences for themselves, their families and communities inherent in this PC leadership campaign.

Participation in politics is not an option...if you are not engaged, political consequences will impact your life anyway. Gary McPherson knows that and is getting his "game face on." Hurry up and get in the frey Gary - time is awastin.'