Monday, September 18, 2006

Dan MacLennan "Privatizes" Himself

Dan MacLennan just announced he is leaving as President of the AUPE, Alberta's largest union and joining the private sector. He has been one of the most successful and effective public sector representatives and a strong voices for his memberships in the anti-union environment that is Alberta.

Dan and I have met through provincial PC and federal Liberal circles. While our basic politics differ, he and I have agreed in our support for certain candidates including Ralph Klein and Anne McLellan. He is a bright, effective and one of the superior strategic thinkers and quality leaders in the province.

The AUPE new release does not say where in the private sector he is going. "Buff" (as he is known) has political aspirations. He played with the idea of running as a federal LIberal in Edmonton East last time but wisely passed. This surprise move to "privatize" himself is clearly in service of those personal political goals. If not - they ought to be. He would be a great addition to the political life of the province or the country - depending on which arena he chooses to play in.

The union movements loss it the private sector's gain. It will be better merely as a result of having access to Dan's skills and qualities.

Welcome to the dark side Dan. We have to find some time for a beer to catch up.