Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Poll Says People Want Dryden - Who Will Liberals Select

Here are some fascinating poll results on the federal Liberal leadership from mid September. With the Quebec nation issue now gaining traction I wonder what the impact will be on these numbers. In a delegated convention method to pick a new leader after the first vote it is a free for all and you have wonder how delegates get their deals done and their "favours" granted and bestowed in the back rooms were we mere citizens rarely get to see.

Remember the CBC coverage of the PC Leadership Convention and the Mackay /Orchard deal - in writing - saying no merger with the Alliance. That lead right straight to the end of the federal Progressive Conservative party. Belinda merely crossed the floor. MacKay double crossed an entire political party.

I wonder if we will any similar level of candour and access to the backrooms especially around the Quebec Nation issue in Montreal at the Liberal convention.