Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Alberta Environmentalists Make a Choice for PC Leader

The Conservations Voters of Alberta, a coalition of Alberta’s pre-eminent environmental groups, will announce the results of their comprehensive analysis of the PC Leadership candidate’s environmental policies at a news conference at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

They will also be endorsing and making a recommendation on who to vote for based on an analysis of each candidates environment policy.

Who is the Greenest Progressive Conservative Leadership Candidate? This is a very important question on the minds of Albertans. The results of the “Send ‘Em A Message” survey on Policy Channel is showing the desire for government to better manage environment issues around water, land and air as the #1 public policy priority for Albertans. Just as critical to the candidate’s consciousness the survey finding that over 80% of participants rate the government performance in this area as Fair to Poor.

Go to the CVA website in the morning for the analysis and the endorsement results and I will comment on them in tomorrow a posting as well.

Now take a couple of minutes and do the Send ‘Em A Message” survey…it is time the citizens took back the public policy agenda.