Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hancock is IN!

Dave Hancock confirmed that he is in the Stelmach Cabinet tonight at a wrap up party for his leadership campaign volunteers and workers. He stopped short of saying what ministry he would be appointed to on Friday morning.

Dave thanked and praised his supporters for taking the time and for applying their skills and talents to help his campaign. He commended those who came with him in support of Ed Stelmach and kept up their campaign efforts for Ed in the last week.

Dave said the quick and effective transfer of volunteers, information and data systems from the Hancock to the Stelmach campaign helped make a real difference in the final outcome as the Stelmach/Hancock team really delivered Edmonton.

Those of us who followed Dave to work with Ed and his people in the last week were all pleased and proud to be part of that success. I feel a great satisfaction in being able to say “Premier Ed Stelmach.”


  1. Congrats Ken! I believe that Hancock's experience and intellect would have been enough for a cabinet position (even if he didn't go with the winner).

    Those in the Morton camp as also happy to say Premier Ed Stelmach.

    We're all looking forward to the New Alberta Agenda. It's exhilarating.

    Do you know when the cabinet positions will be announced?

  2. Anonymous9:02 am

    Is it not highly inappropriate to say you are in Cabinet before that is actually the case? If I were Stelmach I’d be re-drawing my Cabinet this morning.

  3. Anonymous9:05 am

    anonymous 9:02AM,

    Take a pill. He didn't reveal the position. Dave was having a party for his supporters, and probably wanted to reassure them that their efforts on his behalf were not for naught.

    The degree to which Stelmach has kept information leakage to a minimum is admirable. If memory serves, the last few cabinet shuffles were well-advertised before the fact due to leaks from the Premier's office.

  4. Ken Chapman9:29 am

    I think it was totally appropriate for Dave to advise those people in attendance last night. All of them had worked so hard on his behalf. They could know the consequences of their efforts late the night about 12 hours before the swearing in this morning. To identify the portfolio would be inappropriate.

    Dave put this in the context of the tranfer of his volunteer campaign support in the last week and that contribution to the success of Premier Stelmach.

    Last night Dave's remarks were very personal and directed to how much he appreciated the efforts and loyality of his campaign volunteers.

    He talked about his feelings about the new Alberta under the leadership of Premier Stelmach and want us to know he would be playing a part but the swearing in would be at 10 am today and they would have to wait for further details.

  5. I agree with Ken here. Everyone new that Hancock was going to make the Cabinet and it was his decision whether or not to let them know.

    He seems that Hancock and Morton are both chairs on the Agenda committee. Should be many interesting debates - and a nice diversity of opinions. Ken, I know you didn't want Morton in the cabinet given your previous posts; however, if Hancock is correct in his viewpoints, he will win the day on the merits of his ideas. This is democracy; I think both Morton and Hancock will learn a lot from one another in the next couple of years.

  6. If I were Ed Stelmach I would be unimpressed that Dave let the cat out of the bag prior to the announcement. Having said that, if Ed didn't tell him to keep it a closely guarded secret then that is his issue. If, on the other hand, Dave was supposed to keep it quiet he should be out of Cabinet. How does that saying go?: "Loose lips sink ships"

  7. KenChapman2:25 pm

    Eric - I actually accept that Professor Morton should be Cabinet and think SRD is a perfect fit given his interest in conservation and water.

    Yes the debates should be interesting.

  8. Even without him disclosing his financial backers? ;)

  9. Ken Chapman3:55 pm

    My preference would be that everyone in Cabinet should have disclosed before being appointed but that is clearly not happening.

  10. Ken, can you comment on the meaning of "precedence" in cabinet? Is this a reflection of the relative importance of the Ministry or of the Minister?

    Congrats to Dave on the Health portfolio. It will be interesting to see how he pursues some of the policies he discussed in the leadership race.

  11. Ken Chapman10:49 pm

    I think it refers to the priority portfolios where change will be the most intense and dramatic because of the key action areas Premier Stelmach has identified in the campaign and particularly on Wednesday of this week.

    After the first 6 or 7 on the list, I think it is a bit of a pecking order, if there really is such a thing. Most of the real Cabinet planning and approval work is done in A&P and Treasury Board so a pecking order is really determined by who sits on those committees.