Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hancock is IN!

Dave Hancock confirmed that he is in the Stelmach Cabinet tonight at a wrap up party for his leadership campaign volunteers and workers. He stopped short of saying what ministry he would be appointed to on Friday morning.

Dave thanked and praised his supporters for taking the time and for applying their skills and talents to help his campaign. He commended those who came with him in support of Ed Stelmach and kept up their campaign efforts for Ed in the last week.

Dave said the quick and effective transfer of volunteers, information and data systems from the Hancock to the Stelmach campaign helped make a real difference in the final outcome as the Stelmach/Hancock team really delivered Edmonton.

Those of us who followed Dave to work with Ed and his people in the last week were all pleased and proud to be part of that success. I feel a great satisfaction in being able to say “Premier Ed Stelmach.”