Thursday, February 01, 2007

More "aTacky Ads" - But Now They are Funny!

Well it looks like Jason Cherniak is working his way up to a high profile spot in next years Sundance Film Festival. He has done another YouTube "take" on the attack ads. And for those who will get their knickers all knotted, yes he edits and it misleads. But no more than Rick Mercer, the Air Farce or This Hour Has 22 Minutes. We know this is closre to those inspirations than American negative ads. This stuff presented as nothing except pure spoof.

The line between truth and satire is a delightful curiosity. So is the line between farce and satire...but in each case the "truth" or "truthiness" be damned - which is just fine so long as it is obvious. I just wish sarcasm and irony worked well in print too.

Jason is a serious and high quality blogger but he is clearly having fun. Good on him!