Monday, May 14, 2007

Duceppe is a Duffus and More Monday Miscellanea

Welcome Home Gilles
So Gilles Duceppe is wasted and wounded and taking that long walk back “home” to the Bloc. The Bloc head has had a tough time as of late. After he did his pre-emptive strike to oust Boisclair he made an even for presumptive blunder to think he was automatically the man for all of the separatists seasons. Wrong! The actual pending new leader of the PQ, Pauline Marois is now saying that her leadership would be about good government before it talks separation. Fat chance of that happening. That would mean program and spending cuts and more self reliance for Quebec and less dependency on Canada. That is nothing even close to the culture of the separatist movement.

Hurray for Shane and Shame on the MPs
Shane Doan and Team Canada wins Gold and rubs the noses of the Canadian Parliamentarians in it. Another misadventure lead by the bumbling Bloc head Gilles Duceppe. Now we need to be sure the MPs are “House Broken” and don’t take another “dump” on the floor of the House. I think the entire team should be flown to Ottawa, and be invited to the Gallery. Then the entire cadre of MPs should stand up and publicly apologize to Shane and the rest of the team for their bad behaviour. I bet if they asked their mother’s what to do – that would be the end result.

Water Water Everywhere?
Semi-secret talks by think tanks are happening over water exports and the Harper Cons are letting them continue. Canada is apparently “water rich” with an estimated 7% of world supply and only .05% of population. We have a high domestic use, export pressures and climate change influences that will impact supplies but no one now just how or now much. We also don’t know much about our ground water supplies and some 30% of Canadians depend on those sources. Water is a very big political issue within Alberta as we see glaciers receding and industry and agriculture demanding more access. Folks are going to be moving north to where the water is and leaving the south of the province as it turns into an area as arid as present day Arizona due to climate change.

Illegal Cigarettes Taste Like S**t.
More than 177 million cartons of illegal cigarettes from China, Korea and India have been seized in B.C. between 2003 and 2006. RCMP and medical office officials in Vancouver are reporting these counterfeit cigarettes are “knock off” brands and contain such exotica as insect eggs, dead flies, mould and human feces. Officials say if you are buying “street smokes” it is like buying “street drugs” – you just don’t know what you are getting.

Live Long and Prosper - Quit Smoking!
More smoking data from Japan provided empirical evidence on life expectancy due to smoking. The Shinga University Medical School study of 10,000 men and women with an average age of 50 underwent medical check ups in 1980 and 62% of the men were found to be smokers. Their smoking habits were recorded and they were traced until 1999. A total of about 2000 of the people had died in the 20 years of the study. The males who were 40 years old and who smoked in 1980 were found to be expected to live 3.5 years less than the average of those who did not smoke. If the habit was 2 packs a day you could cut off another 6 months off your life on average.

Researchers say the differences in life expectancy between smokers and on-smokers may be greater. Some participants would have quit smoking during the study time frame and they were found to live longer than chronic smokers. According to the researches, this confirms that quitting can prolong life expectancy.