Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stemach Government Taking Over Hospital Standards

OMIGOD! Read this CTV link. It suggests that an Alberta government that is actually actively governing and taking responsibility for ensuring that citizen’s needs are met and rights are protected...and in health care too!

Look into the night sky. Is that a blue moon I see? No? This must be a sign of a renewal and revitalization of government. Can we hope that this is an indication of government once again taking on an appropriate role responsibility and looking at serving the needs its citizens?

If this news item is accurate then it is a sure sign that Stelmach and Hancock are putting the PROGRESSIVE back in the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. About time if you ask me! Let the banners fly and the bells ring out!


  1. Let's not cheer too soon, the proof will be in the fine print.

  2. Anonymous11:05 am

    Stating that individuals with traditional conservative values are not "progressive" is very demeaning. Some would think that the progressives being soft on crime is not really a "progressive" course of action our country should pursue.

    Hancock should have acted on the health care standards a lot early - acting after a tragedy (i.e. Vegreville) is not really "actively" governing; it is called "reactionary". Maybe we don't need those types of progressives running our health care system.

  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    RE: Plawiuk; anonymous: Everyone's a critic.

    Don't be so quick to harp on Hancock. He was Minister of Health for how long before the Vegreville infection control issue surfaced? Where criticism is more aptly put is the health board, or in the case of the gynecologist/phyisican in Vermilion(?) the College of Phyisicans and Surgeons.

    I do agree with the prior point on the "progressive" and "conservative" tags. Certain groups have gained the literary/oratorial high ground by claiming as "progressive" issues they advocate, and shoe-horning those who do not believe as they do into the opposite term (i.e. conservative = regressive). What is progressive and what is regressive is not universally agreed upon. In my opinion, one can say liberal=regressive and conservative=progressive in some issues.

  4. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Where were these guys in the 90's? Being pushed into doing something is not progressive.

    I'll beleive Stelmach is progressive when he drops Ted Morton from cabinet.

  5. Anonymous11:05 am

    Taking responsibility??? I hope you're joking.

    - Stelmach says in the house a couple of months ago that his office was contacted about this issue in 2003. (i.e. he knew about it in 2003)

    - Two days ago, he says his staff has reviewed his correspondence and was (now) never contacted

    - Stelmach was part of "Deep Six" when the draconian cuts to health care were made in the nineties(oh, I know he's sooooooooo progressive). Yet, even though those cuts included the removal of an early warning system to monitor for problems like this, Stelmach denies any link between the cuts he called for and this problem.

    - Len Mitzel doesn't "recall" (!) the 2 glowing reviews the Health Facilities Committee (of which he was chair at the time) gave St. Joesph's since 2003. Further, he argues, even if he did give them those reviews, he can't be held accountable because he never visited himself

    Come on, Ken, this situation is deplorable.