Thursday, August 30, 2007

UNLV Studying the Social Capital Influence of Blogs

I recently received an unsolicited comment on the Blog from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas departments of Management Information Systems and Sociology inviting me to participate in a survey investigating the effects of Blogs on “Social Capital.”

I check them out and took the survey and have received a preliminary report on the findings of an early study the UNLV did. I have undertaken to keep the results confidential so far because the results will be published in an academic journal first. I can tell you, based on early reports; the influence in both instances is significant. I can tell you they are a fascinating insight into who blogs and relates to blogs and how they use them.

I am very interested in the influence blogs have both on the institutions who “run” our society from government to the voluntary sector. I am equally interested in the influence they have on individuals. My suspicion that the Internet and Blogs are two inter-related elements in a new revolutionary form of communications is beginning to be proven correct.

I will keep you advised of the developments on this work of UNLV.