Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dealing With Delusions About a Fall Election in Alberta

The speculation in some circles around a fall election in Alberta is living proof of how delusional the human species can be sometimes. Premier Stelmach has given existing MLA notice they have until the end of November to get nominations over with and new candidates have to get nominated before the end of October.

Secondly the PCs have a Policy Conference scheduled for late October as part of a party revitalization – a real one this time. Not the fiasco that happened after the 2004 election. The Policy Conference is intended for the rank and file to consider and discuss what they want the future of the PC Party and the province to be all about.

Finally we have municipal elections that would be messed up if there was a fall election and it would not be smart to tick off local politicians any more than we have already.

The last time the PC called an early election was in the Getty days and we were appropriately punished for the tactic. There is no need for Alberta to pay for an election now and if it were motivated – or perceived to be motivated – the recent poll results – the PCs would deserve to be punished at the polls again.

A fall election is not going to happen. Notwithstanding the logic, Brian Mason’s NDP have “launched” their campaign in preparation for a fall election at the U of A is past week. This is a smart tactic for the NDP because they need all the lead time they can get. By starting their election campaign now they might be able to get to the starting line for when the real election will actually be called in the coming spring.