Saturday, September 22, 2007

Does Harper Have Any Sense of Humour?

Jane Taber of CTV and the Globe and Mail notes in her Hot and Not column this morning that Prime Minister Steve is rumored NOT to be attending the annual Press Gallery Bun Throw…AND in the PMO best Faux Fascists form, he has ordered all his Cabinet Member NOT to attend either.

Guess what all the dinner jokes are going to be about now. Guess which political leader will bear the brunt of the most barbs. Expect CPAC to tape it and rerun it more times than the Cons ever did for their paid for negative TV ads on Dion. No doubt the MSM media will run clips and the caricatures too.

Harper has been PM about 2 years now. He should know by now the “Parable of the Press” is that they giveth and they taketh away. The Cons being a total no-show at the Press Gallery Dinner is definitely Not Hot Steve. The Gallery will be sure to get even if you don't come out and play with them.

Besides a bit of humorous self-deprecation about now would be good for The Steve don’t you think? He may need it when Jack Layton sends him a reminder since their by-election win in Quebec the Dippers now have enough votes to save or cave the Cons. I wonder what Jack wants to see in the upcoming Throne Speech. I wonder if Harper shares my curiosity?