Friday, December 21, 2007

Has Calgary Sun Columnist Paul Jackson Been "Suspended?"

Tip of the Hat to RustyIdols for the links and the update.

It has been awhile since Mr. Jackson appeared in the Calgary Sun pages and based on this Fast Forward story out of Calgary, it has been a while since Mr. Jackson has shown up at the newspaper to talk to the Editor-in-Chief and face the music over his action.

We all have human flaws and foibles but the measure of the man, as my old man used to say, is to have the strength of character to take responsibility for ones actions and choices. We see a lot of cheap shots taken at politicians and Mr. Jackson is a “past” (sic) master at this written “art form.”

I am not talking about commentary that is constructive criticism or opinion based on facts and honest and evidenced expressions of different perspectives. Readers of this blog know I take shots at politicians too. I even include a shot now and then at those politicians I really like. I try hard not to take cheap or personal shots. If political or personal ideology overrides intelligence, I will point it out. The key is to try and be constructive and informative and not merely partisan or ad hominem.

With Mr. Jackson MIA and presumable gone, and with the Western Standard effectively gone what will happen to the vitriolic voices of the anti-progressives and anti-liberals in Alberta?
I sure won’t miss the rants of the self-righteous right. But I am big on freedom of speech so I will still be avidly reading Link Byfield for my regular dose of the semi-Republican perspective of all things political.


  1. The right-wingnuts have been dropping like flies off the Sun Media group's editorial list.

    In recent months:

    Rachel Marsden (Ann Coulter wannabe)
    Ezra Levant
    Now, Paul Jackson

    Surprisingly Quiet In Recent Months:

    Link Byfield
    Bishop Fred Henry

  2. I hear Licia Corbella jumped ship to the Herald last month.

    The Byfields have been dealing with the tragic death by fire of Ted's daughter.

  3. Hopefully he doesn't show up anywhere else for a long time. The guy was nothing more than a mouth piece for the conservatives and wouldn't know a balanced report if it bit him you know where. He once emailed me that his goal in life was to eradicate all liberal thinkers from this country. Hipocrite always writing about his concerns for Canada and Alberta when he's living in Mexico.

    Good riddance on Licia also. Too bad she found another job. There goes the Herald.