Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well Deserved Kudos to Dave Hancock

Nice to see a politician get credit where credit is due and the Edmonton Journal Editorial today does just that for Minister of Health and Wellness Dave Hancock. Well deserved kudos.

The legislated ban on smoking in pubic and workplaces has been a long time coming to Alberta but in a few days it will be a reality. Long term this policy initiative it will add significantly to the improved health and wellness of Albertans as tobacco addiction declines and smoking becomes less socially acceptable.

Full disclosure requires that note that I worked professionally on this initiative for the coalition of Alberta health advocacy and professional organizations that have been pressing the issue for years. I also helped write a lot of Dave Hancock’s policy platform for his PC leadership bid – but not his health care policy.


  1. Terrible, hypocritical legislation.

  2. Anonymous10:26 am

    The vast majority of Albertans and members of the Progressive Conservative Party rejected Hancock as a credible leader for the party and the province. However, he has turned out to be a good grunt worker getting things done.

    Ken, are you getting paid for your lobbying efforts? If not, I don't see any problem whatsoever.

  3. Anon @ 10:26 Of coure I got paid by the coalition for my lobby efforts on the tobacco control legislation. That is some of what I do for a living. Why is that a problem?

    As for Hancock being a grunt worker but getting things done, I suggest that the lack of getting things done in Alberta post debt and deficit is what got us into the mess we have today in the first place.

    I applaud the politicians who get things done. Stelmach's goverment has done more positive governing and public policy work in a year than the closed circle of the Klein cabal did in almost a decade.

    Albertans are to blame for this too - because we let it happen - by our own indifference to political involvement and civic engagement in making a difference.

    Rememeber it was the rank and file grunt workers in the PC Party that caused and brought about the change in the party leadership.

  4. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Personally, I do see a problem unless you are registered as a lobbyist. However, as of now, there is no proper lobbyist registry so there is nothing that you can do. Due to your personal involvement in the Hancock campaign it is easy to see that you were hired because of your personal connections - in other words, you could easily give Hancock a call. Is Hancock repaying you for your donations both of time and money in the past?

    I am not suggesting an actual conflict but rather the possible appearance of a conflict. This must be fixed in Alberta - this is what got the Federal Liberals in trouble throughout the sponsorship scandal.

  5. How so Andy?

    If smoking is that bad for people, it should just be made illegal. This hasn't happened, and my guess is that it's because governments like making their money off of the habit. I also think the five metre rule is preposterous. It's unenforceable, as well as draconian. This legislation is modern puritanism at work. The great modern sin is poor personal health.