Friday, February 01, 2008

Wildrose Alliance Party President Quits - On the Eve of an Election!

I know Rob James, not all that well, but I do know he is not a quitter. However, James, the former Wildrose Party founder, and until now, founding President of the Wildrose Alliance of Alberta Party. He just quit as President of the new merged party. Strange!

James quit as President of the WRAP saying the merger of the Wildrose Party and the Alliance Party was “a merger in name only.”

This is pretty tough for this new political group to take as they boldly set out to take down Ed Stelmach. Like so many other examples the far right seems to be most adept at disemboweling themselves as the constantly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Lots of old Alliance debt inherited in this “merged party” and not time to get a common platform. It is even tougher to round up serious and respected candidates for an election coming next week. Maybe this political juggernaut is an initiative that is better off having never happened than being late and lame.