Saturday, February 09, 2008

Worthy Websites if the Environment is Your Alberta Ballot Question

There is no clear “ballot question” going into the Alberta election. The Alberta Liberals are basically saying 37 years is enough so change to us. The NDP is saying Alberta is out of control and a socialist approach to controlling us is the best option. The Greens are well…too green experience-wise not Green wise. The Wildrose Alliance is just too wild and wooly in their thinking.

My bet is we will see a variety of ballot questions form various places, sectors and value segments spread all through Alberta. One of the leading ballot question contenders will be the environment.

As an Alberta Progressive Conservative I really want to see Ed Stelmach wearing his farm based stewardship values on his sleeve. I want him to put conservation principles back into Alberta's conservative politics. Conservative politics used to be almost exclusively related to fiscal issues but has been hijacked by the social conservative agenda for far too long. Equating conservative with conservation in this growing ecological consciousness of Alberta is a much better emphasis as to what it means (should mean) to be an Alberta conservative in a modern and progressive context.

If that resonates with you, Conservation Voters of Alberta is a site worth book marking and/or adding to your favourites for future reference. It promises to be informative and knowing some of the people behind this effort…it will be comprehensive too!
While you are at it, visit the "My Vote is for the Environment" site too...and become a regular visitor for info and updates. It too will be worth your time.


  1. I wonder if they are like a certain radical environmentalist who actually proposed that politicians be jailed for failing to comply with Kyoto. My guess is that this is not the overriding issue in the Alberta election - maybe for elitist members of our society who do not have to worry about finding a home, paying power bills and simply making ends meet.

  2. Hi they are not like that.
    BTW our Oil Sands Survey research shows the environment and royalties are key issues for Influential and Activist Albertans.

    Go to if you want to know more about the survey results.

  3. jonathan5:15 pm

    I'd have to say that reducing the Liberal platform to "37 years is enough so change us" is not quite accurate.

    Is that how you'd describe Lougheed's platform in 71?

  4. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Hi Ken,

    I appreciate this post. I agree with what you said about bringing the "progressive" back into the politics and policy here in Alberta.

    I strongly believe that water and resource conservation is important not only for the environment but also long term economic prosperity.

    Investing in alternative energy and greener conventional energy technologies, such as carbon capture, just seem like no brainers to diversify.

    Check out the gains by first solar inc. this year! (last 52 weeks: low $32; high $283; current $190). There is so much upside growth in this market moving forward as the cost per barrel rises and cost per kilowatt of alternative decreases.

    I would love to here a politician pay more than just lip service to the environment/ sustainable energy issue. Personally, no one stands out or inspires.

    What are your thoughts on the choices in this election? Which candidates and/or policy makers are in your oppinion the biggest advocates for sustainable development and renewable energy in this province?

    Jarrett Leinweber

  5. Anonymous7:11 pm


    I have yet to hear your assessment of the Stelmach "green plan" if it can be called that. Are you embarrased by how aggressive (just been facteous) it is?


  6. Hi post tomorrow morning will deal with my assessment of the PC Green Plan. Thanks for asking...tune in tomorrow morning.