Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Dead Ducks - This Time it is Saskatchewan's Turn

Here we go again. More dead ducks found in a “waste retention site” in Saskatchewan this time. The operator advised the Saskatchewan government immediately – not eventually and they have jumped to the pump to respond and co-operate.

The Saskatchewan Minister of Energy and Resources announced an immediate investigation. Is the irony lost on anyone that this death of 53 ducks happened on “International Migratory Bird Day?” Lots of talk about prevention and mitigation – yes that word ensure against this ever happening again.
Saskatchewan was very clear that they had learned from Alberta’s mistakes as they moved into economic boom mode too. Habitat is a major value of Albertans and I expect the folks of Saskatchewan feel the same way. I love this quote:

"Hopefully, Saskatchewan is a lot smarter than Alberta when it comes to this development. When the oil and gas runs out we don't want to be left with a toxic wasteland."

Ouch! So far not so good Mr. Minister.