Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harper's Policy on Afghanistan - Nothing New! How Come?

Harper’s first substantial policy announcement this election is a pullout of Afghanistan in 2011. More muddle from a man who would be king. Makes you wonder if this is not just more Harper pandering to Quebec voters, given the timing and the lack of substance to the “policy” position.

Dear readers, this Troop announcement is not news and it is not new…in fact it is not even original to Harper. This is one of the major facts that run contrary to his allegations of a dysfunctional Parliament. The commitment for a 2011 troop return was a decision supported by every party in the last Parliament.

I would have thought Harper would have come up with something original or at least more meat and meaning for such an important policy position. If he wants to be open, accountable and transparent one would hope for something of substance in such an announcement that he could personally take some credit for instead of this rehash of old ideas.

My take is he is not serious about this announcement. It is pure political messaging to Quebec and he has no more intention of keeping to this promise than he did for Income Trusts. If I am right then this is just another bur more shameful exercise of Harper’s style of pandering politics.

So much for a dysfunctional Parliament! So much for Harper trying to make this all-party political on the Afghan troop timing look like it is his alone. More proof Mr. Harper is not a leader. He is a misleader.