Monday, October 06, 2008

Harper is Hurting Alberta

I have received some dramatic statistics that Albertans will be very interested in about how Harper has already shifted money out of Alberta into central Canada. According to the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation the Harper Conservatives are not only taking the Alberta voters for granted, they are actively directing federal funds away from Alberta.

Since June 2008 Harper’s election announcements will redistribute money out of Alberta and into the vote rich central Canada. The West Wanted In and Harper’ s win in 2006 accomplished that goal. Has the fact that the Prime Minister comes from Alberta done us any good. NO! In fact it is doing us harm.

Look where Harper’s per capita election spending announcement spending is going:





Now Harper wants to interfere in the free market place and stop exports of Alberta’s oil sands UNLESS Harper personally approves the deals first. So much for a free enterprise open market political party. Harper is on notice from Premier Stelmach that he is in for a fight over Alberta's constitutional rights over natural resources. Who would have thought Harper would become the New Trudeau. Well he has.

Based on how badly Harper treated us on his Income Trusts betrayal and how badly he is treating us NOW on federal program spending, Albertans have to think hard if he even cares about Alberta's future.


  1. It's rather like being in an abusive marriage, isn't it?

  2. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Federal Conservatives take Albertans for granyed. Most of them are not campaigning here.

    Ann McLellan brought the Edmonton Garrison to Edmonton and obtained funding for University projects (ie. nantechnoloogy and other capital projects worth tens of millions to teh Edmonton economy). What has Rona Ambrose done? As the local minister she has a spectacularly low profile.

    It is a sharp contrast with the Stelmach Conservatives who work their butts off to meet Albertans concerns.

    As long as Albertans hand over seats to the Conservatives we will be in this bind. The sad fact is that Conservatives take us for granted and Liberals know it is hopeless. Neither party competes in Alberta. Albertans lose.

    What suprises me is the outrage that would be ringing around the province if a Liberal government did to Alberta what the Conservatives have done. Income trusts, dismal per capita spending, limiting bitumen exports are all Conservative actions. It passes in Alberta with barely a mention. If Paul Martin ahd done this every Con in the province would be howling.

    I can only assume that Albertans trust in the Cons, and hate of the Liberals, is utterly misplaced.

  3. That's a pretty bold post, figurative and literally.

    It will be interesting to see whether Harper's Conservatives get a larger mandate from Albertans than the Stelmach PCs have, as they have received in the past.