Friday, November 07, 2008

Alberta Liberal Party Leadership PSA

So today is the last day for Albertans to participate in the forthcoming Alberta Liberal leadership contest. Three candidates are in the running and lots of challenges or the "winner." You can check them out at: Mo Elsalhy:, David Swann:, Dave Taylor:

A strong democracy and good government demands a strong opposition. Pick up memberships on-line today before 4 pm to participate.

I have sold lots of Alberta Progressive Conservative memberships to Liberals in the last two leadership contests. Many people resist "joining" a political party because they somehow feel it restricts them from speaking there minds. That has not been my experience. In fact it it pointless to join a political party if you don't speak your mind. that is what they are for.

I encourage Albertans to pick up an Alberta Liberal membership for the sole purpose of having some say and influence on who will be the Leader of the Opposition in YOUR government. It is money well spent.