Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ambassador Doer Is Doing the Right Thing

Gary Doer, the new Canadian Ambassador to the United States, recently came out with a very helpful comment about the importance of the Alberta oilsands.  He also noted that we all need to do a better job in how we develop them, especially environmentally.  Albertans, as owners of this non-renewable strategically important resource, have to be very engaged in its development.

Satya Das has written a blog post on the website where he explores the Ambassador's comments. 

Satya is speaking at the Woodrow Wilson Centre Cross-Border Energy Forum in Washington DC next week.  He will be speaking about the themes in his new book Green Oil.  He will also be meeting with Ambassador Doer to explore the implications and opportunities available for more responsible and sustainable oilsands development.

Do you have any questions or comments you would like Satya to pass on at these meetings?  Put them in the comments on this blog or the Green Oil blog!  Looking forward to your responses.