Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reboot Alberta is Doing a Citizen's Survey on Progressive Values

RebootAlberta2.0 is scheduled for February 26-28 at the Delta Lodge in Kananaskis.  The Agenda for the event will be on the site on Monday so people can see what is about to happen around progressive politics in Alberta.

Part of the process leading up to Reboot2.0 will be an online conjoint survey designed to glean insight into the kinds of values progressives attach to their citizenship and relations with governments.  The survey will force participants to make some hard value choices and tradeoffs...just llike in real life.  It will help Reboot Alberta participants answer the question they posed at Reboot1.0 "What is a Progressive?"  There will be a link to the survey on the Reboot Alberta site starting about Wednesday next week.

There are discussion papers and blog posts on the Reboot website exploring that same question: What is a Progressive? Here is a link to them  I encourage you to read them and comment too.  Writers and bloggers love comments and feedback.

The focus for RB2.0 is to get individual participants to share their personal stories and concerns about the direction Alberta is heading.  Conversations are game-changers but only if they have good listeners as well as opportunity to voice ones own thougths.  What Reboot2.0 is going to do is get individual progressive Albertans to gop beyond talking.  Progressive citizens need to start taking personal responsibility to "Press for Change" and start taking effective action to impact the political and public policy agenda in Alberta.

Cynicism and indifference are luxuries we can't afford anymore.  This is especially true if the only "viable" political choices we are being offered is a far right-wing or an extreme right-wing political culture.  Albertans need more options and political choices to have an effective vibrant democracy.

Many of the actions Reboot people will be undertaking will be within the four Theme Streams that are emerging in the Reboot Alberta community.  They are to start a new progressive political party, to pursue ways to encourage more voter participation and democratic and electoral reforms. Some want to pursue the progressive political agenda as members of the conventional political parties and governing institutions.  Others in the civil society stream want to enable ane empower the not-for-profit and voluntery sector to have more respect and influence on the politics and public policy decisions in the province.

There is lots of Buzz happening about Reboot Alberta.  The Twitter hashtag #rebootab is the second most popular provincial political hastag in Canada.  The website has had 6000 visits and almost 22,000 page views since it went live on November 27 at Reboot1.0.  Not bad uptake considering this was over the Christmas holiday period.  Not too shabby from a standing start for Reboot Alberta merely 2 month ago.

If you consider yourself to be a progressive thinking person concerned about the future of Alberta you will be interested in Reboot Alberta.  If you want to be part of this citizen engagement movement or are just curious about whzt the fuss is all about, you should come to Reboot2.0.  You can register here:  We are a month away from Reboot 2.0 and space and hotel rooms are limited.  So if you are coming, you best get registered ASAP. I look forward to meeting many of my new virtual friends in real life in late February in K-country at RebootAlberta 2.0


  1. Brian Mason5:25 pm

    If you have to ask what a progressive is, you're not one.

  2. Hey Brian - if you are not curious about what other people think a progressive is you're not one either.

  3. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Less government. Less taxes. Less waste. Less bedwetting over problems that don't exist, are irrelevant or are individual personal responsibility.

    If Progressive is this then I am one.

  4. Anon at 3:11 You are not a Progressive and I bet you are reassured by that reality.

  5. Anonymous11:24 pm

    So you are for more government, more taxes, more waste and more interference in our lives.

  6. Anon at 11:24 Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope. Pretty stupid comment actually. Seems only to be based on ideology and bereft of evidence to support any such claims. Don't waste our time. Give some analysis and evidence for comments next time. You added nothing to the conversation on this blog.

  7. Anonymous11:45 am

    Ken, you cannot have it both ways. And you look silly saying that a comment adds nothing when all you do is make unfounded accusations laced with insults using words like "stupid" and baseless, tiresome dismissals about "ideology".

    I agree with the comment made by this person. Albertans want balanced budgets, low taxes and they want government out of their lives. These are Alberta values. They may or may not be Canadian values but they are definitely Alberta values.

    I do salute you for posting anonymous comments that you disagree with however.

  8. Anon at 11:45 - I stand my my comment - stupid and insipid comments without evidence or argument are a waste of time and don't contribute to the conversation on this Blog. If you don't have anything of value to contribute, stay away.

    Your contribution has value bacause it speaks to comparing Alberta and Canadian values saying they are difference even though the governing philosophy of those in power is the same. I think that is strange but somethign worth considering.

    The earlier anon comment at 11:24 made unfounded accusations about my position on policy positions. That is where they become stupid. Take positions and give argument and evidence and say who you are or why you HAVE to be anonymous if you want credability.