Monday, September 06, 2010

Haley Simons and Other Rebooters Are Taking Action.

So one of the life lessons I am learning from my encounter with the concept of Rebooting Alberta is the energy that is starting to emerge from individuals who have come to the Reboot Alberta community.  One of the most animated new activists is Haley Simons.  She has taken up the crusade for Creative Alberta with an enthusiasm that is infectious and soon to be viral with the energy she has and the traction she is getting.

A concert pianist with a PhD in music Haley is another Ordinary Miracle Edmontonian who wants to see positive change and is taking personal responsibility to create and be the change she wants.  She is typical of what I see emerging from the early start of a progressive citizen's movement in Alberta less than a year ago.  More and more we see people taking action to make a difference in the communities where they live physically or intellectually or emotionally.

I met Haley on the phone when I was at a local food conference in Drayton Valley for the Grande Alberta Economic Region.  She said she was give my number and told to call me by Senator Tom Banks.  Tom is a long time friend and one of my early mentors in the arts and culture world as used to be more immersed in and miss that involvement as I have shifted my personal focus on to politics, democracy and governance.

Haley regaled me with her idea of getting Edmonton and perhaps Alberta to be one of the internationally recognized "Districts of Creativity."  She noted this was a new initiative but had already connected with certain communities in Flanders, Catalonia, China, France, Scotland, Germany, India, Finland, and Italy I immediately invited her to attend Reboot 2.0 and promised her she would find her "Tribe."  She came to Reboot and she did find her tribe and she got engaged as a responsive and responsible citizen.  Now she is taking a leadership role in establishing CreativeAlberta...and writing a blog called SimonsSays. Here is a link to her first post.

So welcome her to the blogosphere and visit her often.  She will soon be on the blog roll and mine too so you can keep in touch.  Follow her on Twitter too @haleysimons.  For a chance to meet the other Haley - the concert pianist - give yourself a treat and listen to her here.

If you want to know more and become involved in CreativeAlberta and meet Haley in person come to RebootAlberta 3.0 Nov 5-6 in Edmonton.  Registration and details are a click away here 

If you want a progressive political culture in the Next Alberta register now for RebootAlberta 3.0 at