Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Progressive Calls it Quits on Ottawa

Keith Martin is the kind of caring, compassionate, intelligent and responsible politician we need more of.  Well he is done with federal politics, saying he can accomplish more "off the Hill."   Rabid partisanship and the totalitarian governing style of Prime Minister Harper has convinced him that our democracy is dysfunctional.

Sad that we learn of this on Remembrance Day, the time we reflect on the sacrifices of so many people just so we could enjoy our freedoms.  We need to reboot our democracy.  Citizens need to take back control, create alternatives to the current damaged and dangerous systems and get rid of totalitarian proto-facist political practices that are becoming normal.

Sad to see another good person in politics pass on any hope of making a difference through Parliament. 
Cynicism and disdain are not good enough any more.  Citizens have to rise up and revolt against those destructive forces that are destroying our democracy. Use it or Lose it Canada.