Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Kind of Leadership is Needed to Meet Alberta's Aspirations

I am thinking about the next stage coming in the development and growth of the Alberta Party and Alberta the province.  While there are many constituency organizations forming, new members joining and people coming out to learn more because they are curious about the Alberta Party, the next big thing is the leadership of this progressive political movement.  That is about to start getting going in the new year.

It caused me to think about the kind of leadership we need in a 21st century society and economy.  I had breakfast last week with an academic friend from Ontario who specializes in leadership and found out her most recent thinking.  Alberta has a great potential but we are not even close to realizing it with all the blessings and benefits we have.  One major reason for such under performance is the kind of political leaders we select.  We can't blame the leaders for this alone, after all we select and elect them as citizens and once the are chosen we belittle and bemoan them relentlessly instead of supporting them and making them clearly accountable.  That attitude of citizens has to change completely if we are going to improve the quality, character, scope and capacity of our political leaders.

I am involved with a group called Leadership Edmonton that has a counterpart called Leadership Calgary that takes a more adaptive holistic and systems approach to leadership training and development.  I think the kind of political leadership we need now is not the charismatic, or the business icon or the celebrity models.  They are simply not suited to the challenges we face.  To get a sense of what qualities, capacities and perspectives I will be looking for in the leader of the Alberta Party - and for any political party or other areas where leadership is critical is captured in the 10 minute video done by Leadership Calgary.  I have also added the short video by Leadership Edmonton that will give you further perspective on what pioneering leadership we need these days to go forward...not left or right.

The kind of leaders we need now have foresight and wide sight, can integrate ideas, be honest, accountable and transparent, be fiscally responsible and accept the duties and obligations of stewardship in many aspects of being human and our deep co-dependent relationship with nature and our natural capital.

As you rush to get the work done before Christmas, this 10 minutes of video will be an intriguing cultural creative break that will be worth your time.  It will raise your consciousness about leadership. It will focus your attention on what we need in competent skilled leaders.  I hope is will trigger your imagination and give you a meaningful framework to consider your choices for the leader of the Alberta Party in the next few months.

I hope it will assists you as you contemplate the strengths, opportunities, threats and barriers we will need in 21st century political leadership.  We need to look beyond the old rush to the bottom ideas of the Alberta Advantage.  We need to look a wealth to move beyond conspicuous consumption and towards a greater well being and happiness.  We need leaders who can inspire and assist us to define and deliver a new sense of integrity as we get on with a cultural change towards achieving our Alberta Aspirations.  It is not enough to target Alberta as being the best in the world.  We need to aspire to being the best for the world.