Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"Success" Must be Redefined to Thrive in the Creative Age

This clip of a film has piqued my interest.  I have not seen the film but I want to.  It asks the key questions about what role our education system should play in preparing young people for a changing world and how do we prepare young people to be healthy, bright and contributing citizens?

As part of the Learning Our Way to the Future initiative and the Creative Alberta movement I see so much potential being enabled by the platform for transformation from the Dave Hancock lead Inspiring Education and Inspiring Action on Education.

I am pleased to see this screening of this film being done in collaboration with a number of interesting sponsors and in particular the Calgary Public Library and Leadership Calgary , the sister organization to Leadership Edmonton.  These programs are all about striving forward with a greater understanding of the human venture which teaches a  progressive approach to unleashing leadership that has wisdom and judgement.

The Calgary screening is January 12, 2011 at John Dutton Theatre, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE.  Doors open at 5, screening at 5:30 and moderated discussion at 7 pm.  Tickets at

I will work on getting this film screened in Edmonton in the near future too.  Stay tuned.