Friday, July 28, 2006

Where's the Arrogance?

It was interesting to read the Edmonton Journal letters to the editor about Gary McPherson's suggestion about purchasing a PC membership because the party leadership will be decided by 1 person 1 vote. The winner will have 2 years left on the mandate and that is plenty of time to road test the new "Premier." It is also long enough to do some serious damage to Alberta if the wrong person is chosen.

Gary was merely making a suggestion about being strategic as a citizen in this leadership contest. To claim this is arrogance by the PC Party seems a bit over the top. For $5 bucks anyone who wants to, can have a direct say in the outcome. This is an open opportunity to participate in a decision that will impact all of us. Hardly the stuff of arrogance. It's the epitome of openness and inclusiveness to my mind. No one is forcing anyone to join the PC party, but those who do, and show up to vote, will determine the next party leader and the next Premier of Alberta.

Inclusiveness and openness seems to be lacking in the provincial NDP party if the point by one letter writer is true. How can a party like the NDP, who pride themselves in their social justice enlightment, be so arrogant as to insist that if I were to join them then I can't belong to another political party? Where is the respect for my Chart right of freedom of association for God's sake?

Go ahead and burn the PC membership card afterwards but to claim an open offer of 1 person - 1 vote is arrogance, I don't see how that fits. Remember the world is run by those who show up!