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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Robin Ford is Bad for Progressives

The Kahneman work is the thesis on why the Robin Ford Scandal is bad for progressives.  Give the Star story a read here.

The essence of the Kahneman thesis is this:

Behavioural economics has shown that the more times you hear something - even if you don't believe it, the more familiar it becomes.  Familiarity breeds a sense of seeming truthfulness...what Colbert calls "truthiness."
Question is will inert complacent and compliant Progressives become even more disassociated with politics because of an even more enhanced sense of cynicism due to Mayor Ford.

I recently attended a lecture sponsored by Leadership Edmonton by Carol Tavris, the authour of "Mistakes Were Made but Not by Me.."  She spoke of cognitive dissonance and self justification.  The cognitive dissonance aspect applies to those who support something that they even know to be untrue is rationalized by focus selective evidence.  I am sure mayor Ford is getting some positive feedback from his supporters who feel theyhave to rationalize their mistake in voting form him

We are seeing some of that perhaps with the comments of Prime Minister Harper who says he was not told of the Duffy payoff by his Chief of Staff so therefore he has nothing to do with it.  Also the "facts are clear" avoids dealing with the legal and moral obligation to deal with the and cover is not leadership but his base will use this selective "evidence" to justify their earlier support for Harper.

Thinking of a blog post on Integrity as a fading value in a complex political and partisan world...stay tuned.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Orwellian Governance in the Canadian Context

If this blog is to revive I want to do it systemically and thematically around supporting the return to democracy through enlightened progressive citizen engagement.

My friend Allan Gregg recently spoke to the Alberta Federation of Labour about this set of issues in the federalist context.  I thank the folks at for posting it for the rest of us.

This is a 38 minute video.  So get a coffee or a tea and settle in and focus on the content and context.  In a sober second thought, perhaps you should pour yourself something stronger.  You may feel you need it after you fathom Allan's message.

Orwellian Governance in the Current Canadian Context

Looking forward to your feedback...even on if I should be back.
Is it time to revive this blog?  I will be publishing on oil sands issues as an owner of the asset at

Is there another theme that this blog could pursue around citizen engagement and democracy commentary?