Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alberta Leadership Value Preferences

This is the graphic that shows some of the 2003 values preferences research results on Alberta leadership qualities from my entry of a couple of days ago. A business backgound is a very dominant positive value preference. Thinking about Alberta in isolation to the rest of the country or our place in the world is very negative. Alberta are not impressed with the Firewall concept.

We expect our next leader to be educated. Having advanced education will not get you elected but not having it will be sure to help you lose. Anyone who frames themselves as an academic will not do themselves any favours. Consequently, "Professor Morton" or "Dr. Oberg" is not something we should look for on their websites anytime soon. Even though in Oberg's case his "Dr." a medical degree, if it were to be perceived to be a PhD it would do is campaign some real harm. Hancock is a lawyer who has been Minister of Justice and Attorney General who will position himself with that experience and knowledge to overcome the negative perceptions of being a lawyer.

Dinning is positioned as the business candidate but spent most of his working life in politics, going back to early Lougheed days. He has been in the business world for under 10 years but he has a strong business image nonetheless.

I will show some more results and their implications for this leadership campaign soon.