Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Ideal Candidate for Premier

The May 2003 leadership preference research shows what attributes the ideal leadership candidate needs to align with the values and preferences of Albertans. They have to be enthusiastic, active and be leading agents of change. Albertans are ready for a change. Any candidate who represents the status quo or is tied to yesterday’s agenda or the old way of doing politics is not going to cut it.

Albertans know the world is very complex so we want someone who is level headed and clear thinking. We want someone who is can see nuances, understands systems and how issues and events are all related. They will have to show us they can deal with uncertainty and still get things done. Someone who wants to clarity and a better understanding of issues and events, coupled with a practical approach to solutions is what Albertans want from their next leader. Media savvy spin masters with simplistic sound-bites are no longer acceptable.

Our next leader must be well educated, be unquestionably honest and with demonstrated integrity. Character will count and it will trump candidates with media manufactured “charisma.” We want someone with proven experience and actual knowledge about how government works. We also expect them to have some real life experiences beyond politics. We want proof they know something about business and how it works too.

Albertans are very aware of our role and responsibility as an economic leader in the country. Given our wealth we can expect that Albertan’s will want their next leader to expand our national and international influence to include environmental and social spheres as well. We expect our next leader to be able to think beyond our provincial borders and beyond our national borders. We will want our leader to help Albertans become better understood in Canada. He must help Albertans participate, understand and benefit from world events and issues too.

With these research results I saw one potential PC leadership candidate who stood out - Dave Hancock. I immediately decided try and convince him to enter the leadership race when Ralph retired. Thankfully he did. In future Blogs I will tell you why I support him.