Friday, August 04, 2006

More Preferred Leadership Qualities

The next set of leadership qualities we researched were Personal Qualities, Communications Skills and Change Agent aspects. In terms of personal qualities we found integrity and honesty along with experience and knowledge were positives. People did not value an informed and curious traits as preferrred leadership qualities and they really did not like someone who thay saw as and assertive and confident personality.

The positive communication skills valued in leadership was if they could bring clarity to issues and was a good listener. Being articulate was positive but not all that important. The strong negative was someone who was seen as "Media Savvy." This negative was so strong that even if a candidate had all three positive qualities and was still seen as media savvy that would neutralize all the good communications attributes.

Albertans want to see a change and a leader who has new ideas and will support new ideas. They no longer want a follower of ideas coming from others. The Klein view of political leadership that says he looks to see where the public parade is going and then he gets in front of it and acts as the leader will not cut it now.