Saturday, August 26, 2006

On the Left Bank of the Left Coast

I am veggin' in Tofino for a week or so - expect fewer entries in the next few days. I will be blogging but in a more relaxed fashion.

The recently released Integrated Energy Vision interests me and I have downloaded it for "reflection." The new Leger Poll showing Oberg and Dinning in a virtual deadheat for first with Hancock and Morton tied for third is fascinating...just as much at the 45% undecided. Looking forward to looking at the real data and doing some analysis. This one is no shoe-in for anyone and is far from over.

Campaigns matter and this one is proving that reality yet again. Dinning and Hancock have one progressive vision for the province whereas Oberg and Morton represent a very different view and would take us in a regressive and disasterous direction to my mind.

Holidays matter too. I shall be in touch! "Stay tuned" as Ralph used to say!