Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who Is "fromthemountains"

Today a blogger who uses the name "fromthe mountains" and is part of a group of political bloggers "Renewingtheonepartystate" suggested Dave Hancock, who I support for the PC leadership, rein me in. My words - not his/hers. I commented on that site but wanted to share what I had to say on this blog as well. Here was my reply to "fromthemountains:"

I have read your comments on my blog re lack of long term planning and your advice to Dave Hancock to “lay down some ground rules” with me. I hope you read my entry today. I think it best answers what I think is wrong with your recommendation to Dave Hancock.

When people are afraid to express independent, considered, reflective thought and opinion we end up with the state controlled by dictators - not citizens. When you are required to adhere to an ideology of the powerful and to be silent for fear of reprisal we get old style communism. When you feel you have to be on the side of the “authority” regardless of whether you respect them or not, you destroy democracy you don’t merely diminish it.

When you find people of ability and character prepared to enter thankless politics in order to authentically serve the public good and not just a party boss – it does not take much to value them and want to support them, regardless of party affiliation. Parties can be effective if they are composed of citizens who believe in and value our freedoms. Parties exist to make sure politics is in the service of our society - not the other way around.

We in Alberta still have a free, open, inclusive and democratic society. We lack an active, informed and engaged citizenry. If that trend continues power based extremists politicians will be able to take over and “set some ground rules” including free speech. That would be tragic. Political participation is not an option. Citizens either get involved politically or else politics will get them. If you allow powerful extremists to take over our democracy and destroy it – to blog will be at your peril.

I notice you do not tell us who you are in your blog. That is your prerogative. Come out from behind the shadows “fromthemountains” and bring your co-contributors with you. Come into the sunlight and tell us who you are and speak your mind freely. Do this with out fear of reprisal from your peers - or your masters, if you have them. You owe this to yourself so you can avoid having that “little chat” with someone some time soon who will “lay down some ground rules for you.” In your last sentence you say to the effect “If you don’t, I think things will only get worse.” With that statement I could not agree more. Who are you? Inquiring minds want to know.