Saturday, January 13, 2007

The "Accountability" of the Harper Cons

Look at this link and ask yourself if the Harper Cons really believe they are aligned with the letter, spirit and priciples of their much vaunted Accountability Act. The document is actualy signed by Prime Minister Harper. Read the story and ask yourself if he still has any credibility with you on matters of openness, transparency and accountability.

Can you imagine claiming a new era of transparency and then actually reneging on a promise to pay a candidate a cash settlement. It was a deal they made for the original candidate to give up his nomination so a so called "star" candidate (who lost the election by the way) could run in the riding. And so much for respecting the local Cons constituency membership's right to choose the candidate they would like to represent them.

Then the Cons force the former candidate to go to Court to get the dough, the Party claiming the deal was void. Why? Because the former candidate allegedly told the media about the cash deal apparently in breach of a confidentiality clause written into the deal. So the Harper Cons refused to pay out the guy. Here is another media link on this story.

Can you imagine doing this kind of backroom deal in the first place. Then making it subject to a gag clause, then not paying the guy out forcing him into a court action. This is how they treat one of their own. Imagine how an ordinary citizen would be treated by these guys.

Classy and scuzzy all at the same time. So much for any credibility about accountability and your allegations of a new day of transparency Mr. Harper.


  1. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Stockwell Day paid $50,000 to get the previous MP out of the way so he could run in Kelowna.

    I guess $50,000 is the going price for a CON seat.

    HArper never disclosed what he paid Ezra Levant to abandon his MP dream. Rumours say he was paid $250,000. Who knows. As usual HArper won't disclose how much he paid.

    And speaking of payments. When will Peter McKay tell us who paid his $500,000 leadership debt. Harper and McKay won't say. There is a rumour that Senator Fortier arranged the payment (Before he was a senator and the appointment was his reward).

    We'll never know.

  2. ken chapman3:39 pm

    Yes anonymous - we will never know but we should know and as citizens I believe we have a right to know. The party leadership campaign donor disclosure is the last remaining frontier to be opened up to scrutiny and transparency.

    I posted and pushed on the disclosure issue during the PC leadership contest and believe it is more important than ever for such disclosure.

    I trust Premier Stelmach will change the PC Party rules for contribution disclosure for next time.

    It is not good enough any more to say a political party is a private organization - therefore what happens inside stays inside.

  3. Anthony Henday8:13 am

    Ken - I agree with your views on this. However, I think Premier Stelmach and co have already shown what they mean by transparency. First, the refusal to disclose all his financial backers. Next, the "$5000 fondle" as Graham Thompson calls it, that got quashed only when he was caught by the media. The interesting thing is that Stelmach and his aides and cabinet ministers spoke only about the 'perception', never admitting that it was just plain wrong. They really don't get it.

    I fear your hopes for fundamental changes in the rules here in Alberta are in vain. This is the same old gang.