Monday, January 29, 2007

Liberals Run Negative Attack Ads Too!

Here is a short clip from the CBC National News by our friend Allan Bonner who comments on the use of negative political ads.

This clip was done when the Liberals were trashing Harper in an election negative ad campaign. My point is the Liberals are not pure as the driven snow here either. I don't think the Cons attack ads on Dion come close to what they did in 1993 to Chretien.

Allan Bonner who appears it the clip said this to us regarding the Dion attack ads:
"You may have the governing Conservatives in Canada are running negative ads about the new Liberal leader. This may mean an election is coming sooner than expected, they want to test their readiness, or they want to spend money outside the writ period."

We also think this effort is timed to be spending Conservative Party money electioneering but outside the writ period.