Monday, February 26, 2007

"I Read the News Today - Oh Boy!"

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces $200 million for Afghanistan for infrastructure development over 10 years.

Alberta’s Premier Ed Stelmach announces $400 million for Fort McMurray for infrastructure development over 3 years.

Hey Prime Minister Harper - are you serious about solving the problem in Afghanistan or are you just into PR?


  1. No, only liberals are geniunely concerned about Afghanistan and the safety, security and development of its peoples. Only liberals want to solve the problems there.

  2. Perhaps someone can provide insight on the conversion rate. Perhaps it costs $400 million to build four schools in Fort McMurray and $200 million to build 400 schools in Afghanistan?

  3. Alberta happens to be responsible for the costs of infrastructure in Fort McMurray and we will also enjoy a direct benefit from fulfilling that responsibilty.

    I am not sure I believe that Canada has all the responsibilty to completly and totally cover the costs of infrastructure in Afghanistan - something the world will benefit from and should share in.