Saturday, February 17, 2007

Is Harper More Audacious Than Authentic?

Prime Minister Harper’s trustworthiness and integrity is starting to go into meltdown. His audacity outstrips his gall given reports on his comments and political stance in light of the RCMP single criminal breach of trust charge on the Income Trust investigation.

His obstreperous refusal to pull or at the very least change his French language attack ad to correct what is clearly misrepresents the facts on Ralph Goodale’s relationship to the Income Trust investigation based on the RCMP findings. This attitude is reprehensible for someone who aspires to be a national leader and an avatar for Canadian values of fairness and honesty.

His original Harper government stance on Bill C-288 that requires some government planning on how we might meet Kyoto targets this last week, was reckless and disrespectful of democracy. Harper’s government said it was “toothless” and denied it would have any application to his Conservative government. This Bill, regardless of if it is good or bad, has been passed in the House of Commons by the duly elected representatives of the citizens of Canada. It is now in the Senate for approval and on its way to soon becoming the law of the land.

NO politician, not even the Prime Minister of the country has the luxury of ignoring the law. Harper has belatedly come to his senses and has now given a half-hearted acknowledgement that he will be bound by the law. Thank you very much Mr. Prime Minister, for that concession to democracy and to the rule of law.

Speaking of the rule of law, the intrusive political meddling of Prime Minister Harper in the Justice Review Committee process adds to Canadians diminishing confidence in his character and competence to govern. Winning an election with tactics and guile is one thing. Governing with wisdom and authenticity is something entirely different. It appears now that Prime Minister Harper may have imbued with oodles of the form talents but have a dangerous dearth of the latter.

The MSM and blogosphere is starting to pile up with commentary on the clear and present danger Mr. Harper’s approach to politics and governance represents. In the face of such a threat, the typical citizen’s cynicism, skepticism and indifference of the recent past are dangerous responses with dire consequences.

Canadians had better engage and become active in the political process and consciously and conscientiously participate in the next election. Otherwise “their” government will be made up of fundamentalists and ideologues with a nasty brutish and short temperament.

These people are on a mission to control and limit our personal freedoms and to impose their own prescribed moralistic value set on the rest of society. In a free and democratic society they have every right to pursue those ends within the democratic means of open and free elections.

In a democracy with majority rule we always get the kind of government we deserve, even if we did not select it ourselves due to indifference. Majority rule is a myth if a majority of citizens do not even show up to vote. Remember the world is run by those who show up! Canadians better show up in this next election and send a clear message about what kind of Canada they want. We have to “take back” our government by informing ourselves on the issues and then voting our own consciousness…but voting for sure.


  1. He is a political bully... audacious is too kind a descriptio.

  2. Agreed "walks with coffee" so what do we do about it?

  3. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Odd then that Harper's leadership ratings have gone through the roof and are much, much higher than Dion (although that might not be saying much;)

  4. Be careful what you wish for on the Kyoto bill. It effectively hands the CPC an opportunity to force an election at anytime. It could be done on the basis that reducing our GHG emissions 6% below our 1990 levels when we are already 37% above the 1990 levels (due to the LPC inaction) would absolutely devastate our economy. If he could quantity and articulately demonstrate the resulting job loss that the liberal private bill could have to everyday Cdns, that may well be a winning strategy.

  5. ken chapman5:50 pm

    By the time C-288 get thruogh the Senate and gets proclaimed, we will not see the first 60 reporting period happen because Harper will call or engineer an election before hand.

    At worst C-288 is like the Harper opposition motion to reaffirm support for traditional marriage and then later try to claim that meant you could not support SSM too. More posturing than policy.

    What C-288 can do is get us focused on the point that we, as individuals, are going to have to make some changes too...not just industry and government.

  6. C-288 is a pure political ploy and a stupid one at that (sorry, stupid just seems like the best word to describe it). All the political commentators see this as handing Harper another strategic victory. It is intellectually dishonest to think that we could possibly reach our Kyoto targets in 3-4 years - BC has tabled reaching its targets by 2020, which is much more realistic. Harper can just go to industry after industry and explain that he has to cut them at the knees if he wants to meet the liberal-sponsored bill.

    Funny that you do not mention the LPC's stand on the terrorism provisions. While you can't discuss everything, surely it is an interesting Charter rights versus public good and safety debate. Is it because of a lack of time or because the LPC has flip-flopped on the issue? Or is it because senior liberals such as John Manley, Anne McLennan, and Bob Rae denounce Dion's stand on the issue?