Saturday, April 07, 2007

Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy

Here is a clever video - American but for the names and a few other changes the feeling for Canadians is the pretty much the same one.

Can Canadians be enraptured enough by the "charms" of the Harper Cons and Steve Harper be "made over" enough for us to want to give him a majority government now?

Identity politics and "regular-guy" candidates who authentically reflecting our personal values is what real politics is all about. So how much has Harper really changed and how far does he have to "work us over" so he can convince us he has seen the light. The "New Government of Canada" is so yesterday. Why? Well because Harper has kept all of his "campaign promises." That's right, all 5 of 'em and in a complete and timely fashion..don't you know? Time to move on.

The New Stephen Harper, the Primed Minister of the New Canada, that is what is next and what is so "now." Especially "now" since he has totally aligned himself with ALL the mainstream Canadian values, including integrity and transparency? A quick look at his record will "prove" that. Just make sure you only take a quick look and you only use the CPC webite as your sole source of information.

Is he worthy of our trust? Is he deserving of our consent to be governed by him and him alone. Of course! Steve Harper - there just has to be a majority government in your future. If for no other reason than Divine Right of the PMO. I just can't wait to have the chance to genuflect before my Prime Minister, the always Right, the occasionally Honourable, the "real Steve," the new Harper.