Thursday, April 05, 2007

Enlightened Savage Strikes Again!

I continue to be impressed by the postings of The Enlightened Savage. The April 4 posting on the Agnishotri expulsion from the Alberta Legislature gives a full, frank and even "enlightening" review on what happened in toto...not just the shallow selected fact analysis of the MSM or most other bloggers I have read on the subject.

Give it a is worth it. I especially like the parallels he draws between this Alberta Liberal' s approach to the same type of innuendo smears that have been done on Dion by Harper in the federal scene. Harper is obvioulsy a master of stepping upto but not over the line. It would be interesting to see his butt booted out of Parliament for a day or so for such offensive allegations but he cleverly contains them within the "rules." Never mistake clever for wisdom.

Interesting that the Democratic Deficit in Alberta is being addressed by the Stelmach government in some significant ways. The recent agreement to open up the Standing Policy Committees for all party participation is a reform that is long overdue. Stelmach and Hancock have to be given the credit for this initiative.

The civility in Question Period and the amazing increase in the number of questions being dealt with are other more subtle but also very important reforms. Hell you can take school kids to view Question Period now and not be afraid that they might actually model the behaviour of the politicians.

Perhaps it is taking the Alberta Liberals some time to adjust to some good governance.