Monday, July 16, 2007

Sicko's Michael Moore Blitzes CNN's Wolf-man

There is an info-war brewing around Michael Moore and CNN is the “theatre” for this conflict. Moore will only go on MSM television live so he does not get edited and reframed. He recently “Blitzed” CNN’s Situation Room host Wolf on July 9th over claims of misrepresentation and distortion around his “Sicko” documentary. And now Moore is demanding an apology from CNN.

This is no media stunt to my mind…it is serious stuff. This is not just a skirmish – it is a battle for who has the authoritative and trustworthy voice in media today. CNN likes t promote itself as the most trusted name in news and compared to FOX – who could argue…well Michael Moore for one.

This media event has serious implications and finally the debate is engaged. I suggest every citizen you loves freedom and democracy best pay attention.