Saturday, January 19, 2008

Denis Wins Calgary Egmont.

So my friend the Enlightened Savage, and Calgary Egmont resident, tells me this evening that Jonathan Denis has won Calgary Egmont - the sequel. Now they have about 2.5 weeks to regroup and refocus and rejuvinate for the election. Congratulations Jonathan.

The constituency is not releasing the results....why pray tell not?


  1. Re voting results...The Enlightened Savage has told me on Facebook that even the Candidates don't know the vote results. Ah yes is this Calgary Egmont or Kenya Egmont? Shame!

  2. I hear ya, Ken.

    Sadly, its been an issue in many nominations across the province. Why the secrecy is anybody's guess.

  3. Craig B. Chandler11:23 pm

    They are embarrassed!

    Here are the results

    First Ballot victory for Jonathan Denis.

    390 - Jonathan Denis
    81 - Vicki Engel
    49 - Don Middleton
    8 - Spoiled
    1 - Write In Craig Chandler

    TOTAL CAST = 529

    A few thoughts here. I am surprised they allowed write in ballots? If I knew this would be allowed an accepted I would have organized a protest and had many write ins.

    What this nomination this evening has proved is that the Tories are defeated in Calgary Egmont.

    How 3 seperate candidates combined could not beat my number of 945 is shocking! All Jonathan had to do was renew members from his last run. Jonathan could have signed them up in person or explained the situation and they could have purchased a membership for 2008 at the door.

    I am encouraged by the results in Calgary Egmont and looking forward to a very lively campaign.

  4. Anonymous10:27 am

    Embarrassed? About what? I think it is more to protect people like Middleton and Engel who so obviously had their butts handed to them.

    I think for a nomination where people had to buy memberships twice in order to vote those numbers are amazing. More than a lot of other nominations across the province under far better circumstances.

  5. Anonymous2:14 pm

    The Sjonathan Denis spin doctors are out.

    Engel and Middleton are new to the game and Jonathan Denis is not.

    Running against Engel or Denis is like a 13 year old running in a foot race against to new born babies.

    The party is dead in Egmont. This was a safe Tory riding and Jonathan Denis wrecked it for the party.

    Being happy you beat people who have never even worked on a campaign before is nothing to be proud of. JD was expected to win, but he was expected to do much better.

    Bottom line is Chandler garnered more votes then 3 candidates could and JD's vote went down.

    Spin all you want, the numbers speak for themselves.

  6. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Denis seems like he had a much higher percentage. The bad weather brought everyone's votes down. That result would have still won any other riding in the city.

    I've not seen any evidence of Denis's people causing any problems - this is clearly just spin from the discredited Chandler and the kool aid drinkers who still follow him.

  7. I don't know Mr. Denis but I do know Blake Roberts who is high on him and that is good enough for me.

  8. I grew up in Egmont7:42 am

    Re: Jonathan Denis wrecked it for the party.

    Let's remember it was Craig Chandler who wrecked it the first time around.

  9. Anonymous12:57 am

    It was Stelmach who wrecked it!