Sunday, January 06, 2008

Facts and Figuring About the Wildrose-Alliance Party

There is a very extensive and insightful analysis of the Wildrose and Alliance Party merger over at The Enlightened Savage. I was planning on doing my own analysis but this blog posting is a great piece of insight and thoughtful provocation. I commended it to you.

As to if the new merged party will be a significant force in electing MLAs in the next provincial election, the answer is no, IF the next election is only a few weeks away. Not time to get it all together. It will be a force however in retaining the far-right and fundamentalists base that bleed off from Klein in the 2004.

Is that faux-Republican political philosophy emblematic of where Albertans see their future and in the best interests of providing good governance in next Alberta? I don't think so but it has its adherents.

The Project Alberta site has been ripe with calls and questions for Dr. Ted Morton to take on the leadership of this merged entity. That is the more interesting question emerging in this new party and in the face of the forthcoming election.