Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Harper Mimics Musharraf and Fires Linda Keen

Prime Minister Harper has facilitated or forced the firing Linda Keen, the President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission last night. This is done on the eve of her appearance before the Commons Committee on Natural Resources. Shameful!
Such inappropriate political interference more akin to Pakistan’s President Musharraf than an open, responsible and accountable and suitable governing philosophy the Canadians expect and deserve from their government. Mr. Harper's political interference in the independence of this quasi-judicial tribunal is crossing the line and dangerous to democracy.

There is the need to rationalize or determine a priority between the competing principle issue of nuclear safety and the continuing need for medical isotopes the Chalk River nuclear facility provided. Appropriately our elected Members of Parliament made that decision by a unanimous vote in the House and Senate. This is not the issue any more and with better political judgement exercised earlier, this crisis could and should have been avoided.
Incompetence has become the overarching operational principle that defines the Harper government. This reality is being confirmed this morning I am watching with concern and disgust the Commons Committee hearing and I see the less than Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources dancing, diffusing and distracting from the legitimate questions of the Committee members. It is a shameful performance and does nothing to instill and sustain faith and confidence in him or the government he represents.

Accusing Dion of “not being a leader” in campaign style attack ads running outside the writ period so they don’t have to account for the excess spending is a pretty Bush league tactic.

And now the irony is thick as Mr. Harper proves, time and time again, that he is not only a poor leader but a dangerous one. The probationary period of the Harper minority governmet is over and it has not gained the confidence of Canadians. It is time for and election so Canadians can tell Harper it is time for him and his government to go.