Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Primary Was BORRRRRing!!!

Mitt Romney played it well – promising to bring back American automotive jobs that have gone for good - they will not come back - Mitt’s promises notwithstanding. Playing to fears and defining the Republican Nanny/Daddy state with his promises – Romney is now the prince of Faults Hope and shows that you can still fool people in fear.

With a $2500 automobile made in India the US automotive industry is not only outsourced – it has missed the next market wave in the developing world – and that is where the automotive action is!

Poor old Over the Hillary mustered an underwhelming 60% of the Michigan non-primary “vote” without any other serious candidates in the race. The National Democratic Party is punishing Michigan for breaking their primary rules by going too early. They are not allowing delegates at the Denver National Convention in the late summer. A pointless process without any meaningful purpose and with nothing to talk about pretty much sums up the Democratic debacle in Michigan.

Nevada will be better and more indicative of to win the West. South Carolina is going to be a stir-fry made up of pundit pap and leftovers with no real “entre” for Giuliani who has left his “engagement” into the race way too late. It will mark the exit of Thompson, who may do well but South Carolina is the end of his rope, even if he “hangs in.” We will see the persistence of Paul who will muddle along but stay like the Energizer Bunny.

Independent voters are not a big block in South Carolina, as I understand it. How will the Black vote and female vote split and will they show up? They stayed home in Michigan which is not surprising. Will Edwards get a local lifeline from is birth state as Romney did today and win in a squeaker?

Nothing is certain going forward for either party - but one thing for sure Michigan was sure boring.