Saturday, January 26, 2008

No Reason Today Why Harper Should Not Govern Until November 2009

The majority of Canadians do not want a federal election in 2008. This is the finding of a Harris Decima poll released Jan 24. I tend to agree. Parliament voted for fixed election dates. Canadians see no big push for a quicker election. We voted in a minority government intentionally and unless Harper screws up so badly he can’t keep the confidence of the House – there is no reason for an Election until Nov 2009.

Harper says he still likes the job. I see no overriding reason now why he should not stay in the job. That may change but as of now…Harper has to responsibility so let him govern…as a minority.

Up to now the Liberal party organization has not been in a position to effectively run an election. Now they can. That is no reason to call an election. Lets now see Harper run a real minority government where he has the real risk of defeat if he continues to bully and blunder and bullshit.