Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Will Happen in the Presidential Primaries This Week?

So this coming week we will see the Presidential Primaries moving into Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina. Every State will be very different and interesting for a variety of reasons. Is Michigan is Mitt’s last stand? Could South Carolina be the same for Edwards? Will race be a response factor for Obama support in South Carolina where 51% of the Democrats are black? Labour and Hispanics are trump cards in Nevada and which Democrat has them in their hand?

Will women, youth and independents continue to show up on the Democratic side? How long can Giuliani bide his time before he makes a move? Could it be he is awaiting too long and have nothing left for the kick he will in the final laps going into and through Super Tuesday?

I see the CNN folks who call themselves the “Best Political Team on Television” have backed off believing polls and pundits and spinmeisters in their commentaries this morning. They are not calling who they predict to we the winners and losers. They are not even identifying the leaders and laggards as such.

That discretion is very wise because everything is in play and even gender and race will be part of the conversations this week. Let’s hope it does not get framed and focused as being about racism and feminism in the process.

Now if we can only get MSM TV to go a bit deeper into the real issues. Recession is real and new on the agenda and will change the complexion of the campaigns from here on in. Expect Illegal Immigration to fade but not go away as the Republican candidates try to show themselves ad the masters of the fiscal universe. They will duck the reality of the dismal deficits created by the two Bush presidents and the surplus left by the Clinton presidency...some much for the so-called big-spending Democrats.