Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wild Alliance Party Rejects Chandler as a Director

My sources tell me Mr. Chandler and his cohorts ran for directorships in the Wild Alliance Party at the Merger Meeting yesterday in Calgary. Rick Bell of the Calgary Sun confirms that it is true and they were all unsuccessful

Will Mr. Chandler now seek a Wild Alliance nomination for the soon to be announced election…or will he stick to his independent candidate guns?

I have checked both the Alliance and Wildrose sites this morning and see they have nothing about the merger meeting posted on the sites and the newspapers have spotty coverage. Does anyone out there know what is really going on with this new party that wants to perfect yesterday instead of planning for tomorrow?

I presume from earlier statements that Mr. Chandler no longer wishes to be associated with the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. The feeling is mutual. However, I find it curious that he has allegedly been able to gain access to the PC Party Calgary Egmont nomination voting results which he posted as a comment on my Blog post yesterday.

I will presume Mr. Chandler's reporting of the results are accurate until an official reporting comes along. Once again I have to chastise the Calgary Egmont constituency organization, and any others in any political party who have followed the same path of not releasing the vote counts in nominations. Open and transparent democracy demands the release of all political party nomination results if the parties are to continue to deserve the confidence of the electorate on this and other more serious issues as well.

As for the reported Calgary Egmont "write-in" nomination of Craig Chandler for the PC Party, I wonder if that was done by Mr. Chandler himself. It matters not but it is an intriguing diversion from the weather and easier to figure out than the Sudako puzzle. I also wonder it Mr. Chandler followed up on his offer to buy the website from Daveberta too hoping to be the defendant in the earlier threats of legal action over the website.

I think the powers that be in the PC Party and the Premier's Office have learned a lesson and are quietly dropping the whole silly website thing. That means Daveberta is left like the pawnshop owner who actually knows he has stolen property in the store and now faces a dilemma. He doesn't really want to keep the site because it has served its purpose and can only cause more trouble if it gets misused. He can't really sell it, given what he knows about how it was acquired in the first place. What is the responsible thing for Daveberta to do under these circumstances?