Saturday, May 09, 2009

Harper Appeals Federal Court Order to Repatriate Omar Khadr.

According to reports from Canwest News Service, Prime Minister Harper and his government continue to refuse to protect the human rights of Omar Khadr.

The Federal Court has ordered that Omar be repatriated to Canada from Gitmo. What does Harper do? Instead of following the court order, he appeals. What is more the cowards and con artist in control of this country now say they can't comment on Khadr's case. Why? Well it's before the courts.

Cheer up Canada. It could be worse. Our government could be the ones torturing Omar, not mere acquiescing that it be done by his "hosts."

So much for our country protecting its citizens. In Harper's Canada, is the State becoming the enemy of the people instead of their protector? Omar is not the only one Harper is mistreating. There are others.

I want a election this November 9th. Harper's "fixed" election date established by a law he passed and then broke. Harper's time has passed and his Party thinks so too...if not for some different reasons.