Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still Time to Send a Letter or an E-Mail to Your MLA & the Premier to Record Your Opposition to Bill 44

Here is an example of the kind of informed and engaged citizenship we need in Alberta. Sirthinks and I follow each other on Twitter. I am @KenChapman46 on Twitter if you want to follow me. @Sirthinks is also on Twitter. He and I were active in the tweetfest that happened during the Committee of the Whole debates on Bill 44 last week. It was a most amazing evening where the anti-Bill 44 online community came together and shared ideas, opinions and information about the Bill.

Third reading of this terrible law will happen early next week so it is not too late to register your displeasure with your MLA and copy the Premier too. Bill 44 looks like it will pass as amended but opposition is not futile, indifference is.

There is a legitimate expectation in a democracy that we can and should hold our politicians accountable. However, if we citizens do not take account of our our responsibilities to become informed and engaged, then the power shifts from the people to the political elites and democracy diminishes.

Early last week Minister Lindsay Blackett said he only received 300 letters on the issue of Bill 44. I take him at his word. If that is true, then we citizens who are too passive or indifferent to care about what kind of a society we are creating and allow a backward law like Bill 44 to proceed unopposed then we deserve the kind of government we will get from this lousy piece of law.

Thanks to Sirthinks and all the others who are making their opposition known to their democratically elected political representatives.